Until now, Starbucks pods have never been this affordable

How much money will M-PODs save you?

In the first post of our MAKKER 101 series, we’ll look at one of the most popular, premium K-Cup® brands and see how M-PODs stack up. For a true “apples to apples” comparison, we’d normally factor in eco-friendliness and the amount of coffee per pod. But to keep things simple, we’ll crunch the numbers solely based on the price per pod. Let’s get to it!

Starbucks® French Roast is widely available in all forms (from K-cups® to ground to bagged beans) and from many retailers (online, your local supermarket, wholesale clubs). Depending on where you buy your coffee, the price greatly varies. On Amazon and at the grocery store, we’ve seen Starbucks® French Roast K-cups® range from 70 cents to above a $1 each. Because of their mark up, let’s take a trip to the wholesale club. (They say you can save more when you buy in bulk.) After you’ve ogled the flat screens and made the sample rounds to your heart's content, let’s break out the calculator!

Before comparing the price of K-cups® and M-PODs, it’s helpful to know 2 things:

  1. Ready-to-fill M-PODs are as low as 12.8 cents each.
  2. MAKKER fills each M-POD with 13 grams of coffee.
At Sam’s Club, pricing for Starbucks® French Roast coffee looks something like this:

Now, let’s calculate the total price per pod:

Starbucks® French Roast K-cups®

(warehouse pricing)

58.3¢ per K-cup®

Showing our work:

1. Divide total price of K-cups® by total number of K-cups®:
$41.98  /  72 pods = 58.3 cents per pod

Starbucks® French Roast M-PODs

(warehouse pricing)

33.4¢ per M-POD

Showing our work:

1. First, we'll calculate the price per gram. To do this, we divide the total price of a 40-ounce (or 1134 grams) bag of coffee by the total number of grams:

$17.98  /  1134 grams = 1.586 cents per gram

2. Knowing each M-POD holds 13 grams of coffee, we can calculate the price of coffee that goes into each M-POD:

1.586 cents per gram  x  13 grams in each M-POD
    = 20.6 cents of coffee in each M-POD

3. Now, we'll add the price of coffee in each M-POD to the fixed price of an unfilled M-POD:

20.6 cents of coffee in each M-POD  +  12.8 cents
    = 33.4 cents per M-POD

That’s a 43% savings – even with K-cup warehouse pricing!

Let’s see that again. Here’s a simple side-by-side comparison of Starbucks® French Roast K-cups® to M-PODs:

MAKKER Pod Comparison

M-PODs are not only cheaper, but also 100% recyclable AND filled with more grounds (making for a more robust cup)! That’s what we call a win-win-win!

We hope this shed some light on what goes into an M-POD, price-wise. We believe that you should be in control of your coffee, from the freshness to what you drink, in a convenient way without changing your routine. Single-serve brewers are seemingly everywhere, from our homes to offices to waiting rooms. At MAKKER, we’re here to help you brew a high-quality cup at a wallet-friendlier price.


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