Swoon-Worthy Cashew Coffee

What happens when Lindsay, one of my favorite bloggers from Pinch of Yum, calls a recipe “heaven sent” and “hands down the best coffee” she’s ever enjoyed? You make it immediately, become obsessed, share this obsession with everyone you know, and collectively ponder how you lived this long without it!

Blending coffee with cashews creates a latte-like texture, complete with foam at the top that represents absolute perfection in a cup. Call it coffee. Call it a blended latte. I call it pure bliss. And soon, so shall you.

MAKKER fam, meet your newest coffee obsession…


  • 1 coffee pod, brewed 6 oz strong
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted, roasted cashews
  • 1.5 teaspoons honey
  • Tiny pinch of coarse sea salt (not regular table salt!)

1. Using high-powered blender, blend all ingredients for about 45 seconds starting on a lower speed and gradually working your way up. The last 15 seconds should be on a very high speed to create that creamy texture!

2. Pour into a mug and enjoy immediately! 

Recipe source (adapted for single-server brewers): Pinch of Yum. All images and text © MAKKER, LLC.


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