M-PODs Versus Reusable Pods: The Ultimate Showdown

We often get asked why M-PODs are better than the reusable pods of the world. In today’s MAKKER 101 post, we’ll answer just that so you can decide for yourself which homemade pod is right for you.

First, credit where it’s due - reusable pods have some very compelling benefits. They’re the ultimate eco-friendly solution because you’re reusing one pod for as long as possible and washing it out after every use. This also makes them the cheapest solution! Depending on how often you brew and how well you clean the filter mesh, reusable pods can last for a few months to a year (or even longer). That being said, 100% recyclable M-PODs are as low as 33 cents each – and that’s with 13 grams of premium brand coffee! If you’re interested in the numbers, we did a price breakdown of Starbucks® French Roast K-cups® and M-PODs. Check it out here!

Coming to freedom of choice, M-PODs and reusable pods let you brew any coffee you love. So either you way you go, you’ll be able to support local roasters and venture beyond grocery store coffee brands.

When it comes to convenience and quality of brew, though, M-PODs really shine. Let’s delve deeper to explain.


Reusable pods edge out M-PODs in eco-friendliness and wallet-friendliness, but nothing beats M-PODs in terms of convenience. It’s basically the same as grabbing a pod out of the cupboard.  In less than two seconds, MAKKER automatically fills and seals M-PODs with 13 grams of coffee – no mess and no cleaning required. We’ve tried making a reusable pod in less than two seconds, and, well, we’re still finding coffee grounds in our kitchen. It’s nigh impossible.

Compared to reusable pods, M-PODs are made completely hands-free. You’ll no longer have to manually measure and fill the perfect amount of grounds each time. And we won’t give you tiny brushes to sweep away stray grounds or specialty cleaning accessories to scrub filters. With MAKKER doing all the work for you, you’ll get a consistent cup every time. The ultimate convenience factor? After brewing, just toss the whole M-POD in the recycling bin – it’s 100% recyclable from top to bottom!

Quality of Brew

We left the most compelling argument for last. M-PODs not only are convenient, they are superior when it comes to quality of brew. Did you know that the grounds and oils can build up on reusable pods over time, leaving you with a weaker cup of coffee and an inconsistent brew?

Another pro is that M-PODs are pressurized whereas reusable pods are not. Why does this matter? With reusable pods, water flows out of the mesh filter freely resulting in a weaker cup of coffee. Pressurized pods, however, force water through the grounds, effectively circulating and keeping the grounds in contact with water for a longer period of time. Similar to a French press, the longer the grounds are in contact with water, the more robust your coffee will be.

Some folks actually go to great lengths to mimic the pressure process of sealed pods in their reusable pod experience (and nixing any notion of convenience in the process). That’s how important it is that grounds get enough contact with water.

One more notch in the pro column for M-PODs is sludge, or lack thereof. Have you ever experienced the gritty last sip of coffee brewed with a reusable pod? The baskets in the reusable pods have bigger filter holes, which let through fine particulates, AKA sludge. We don’t know about you, but a mouthful of grounds is not tasty!

Which one is your cup of tea coffee?

MAKKER Pods vs Reusable Pods

Reusable pods are perfect if you want the most affordable solution and have the time to hand-make fresh coffee pods and clean them afterwards. Also, they’re the ultimate eco-friendly solution because you’re just washing out one pod and reusing it for as long as possible.

M-PODs are perfect if you’re looking for a fresh, eco-friendly option that’s just as convenient as grabbing a pod out of the cupboard. Plus, M-PODs are pressurized so you'll get a stronger, more robust brew!

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