A Valentine’s Day Proposal

“Coffee with Companions” is an original series by MAKKER that captures personal stories shared over a cup of coffee. This Valentine's Day, we brew two medium roasts and find out why today is extra special for one couple...

He remembers: "We met while stationed in Germany for the Air Force. Our very first conversation was at a party by the beer keg. I think we stood by that keg for two hours, just talking to one another.

Three months later, I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day on a frozen, snowy path in the middle of the Alps in Austria. I didn’t have a speech or anything prepared - I just got down on one knee and popped the question. I actually didn’t even have a ring when I proposed. It was still in the mail.

I’d picked the ring out with a buddy of mine who was older than me. I thought that my buddy would be wiser and better at handling these matters since he was older. But looking back, he wasn’t even married, so how would he even know? Ha! In the end, though, it all worked out. She said yes, and when the ring finally arrived she thought it was beautiful."

She adds: "It was perfect."