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Meet MAKKER – the first automatic pod maker for your home. Create eco-friendly pods with your favorite coffee at a fraction of the price of traditional K-Cups®. In less than two seconds, you’ll have a ready to brew, Keurig-compatible pod. 

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Do you know how old your coffee pods really are? With MAKKER, there's no guesswork - ever. By using your own coffee, you'll know the exact quality and freshness of your pods. The best part? MAKKER brings the aroma of fresh coffee to single-serve brewers everywhere!

Save on every pod

We did the math. Purchase your coffee by the pound and create your own pods at a fraction of the price!

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Never send a plastic pod to the landfill again

Recycling is easy with MAKKER. Our pods are 100% recyclable from TOP TO BOTTOM! That means no more separating foil lids and no more kitchen messes – just drop the entire pod in the recycling bin! This is single-serve without the environmental guilt.

Coffee pods, your way

Turn any coffee YOU love into a pod with MAKKER! Local roasts, custom blends, brands that don’t offer single-serve options – the possibilities are endless!

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